How to Best Clean Floor Tile Grout

Cleaned tile and grout gives a shiny look to your place and undoubtedly enhances the beauty of the room. It becomes essential to clean the tile and grout on a regular basis to maintain its charm. There are many reasons due to which your tile and grout get stained and dirty. Using regular detergents may not give you the best result. Moreover, there are various chemical solutions available in the market to clean the tile and grout which might be dangerous to the health of your kids and pets. So if you are searching for a reliable and safe method to clean floor tile and grout then follow the below-given method. 

Best Way To Clean Floor Tile Grout

Step 1: Clean The Floor Tile Grout With Hot Water

In the very first step, you are supposed to wipe the floor tile grout using the warm water. Take hot water in a bucket and wipe the floor using the fresh cloth. This will help in removing all the dirt, dust and other particles present on the floor. Use the right method and make sure you are cleaning the entire floor by changing the hot water frequently for better results.

Step 2: Make A Cleaning Solution

In the next step, take an equal amount of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Vinegar helps in removing tough stains from the tiles and also works well in removing the dirt accumulated in grout lines. Make sure you are using the best vinegar so that all the stains are easily vanishing. 

Step 3: Apply The Vinegar On the Floor

Once you have prepared the solution, it is time to sprinkle it over the floor tile and grout. Thoroughly apply the vinegar solution and let it be for 5 to 10 minutes so that it reaches deep into the stains and works perfectly. 

Step 4: Scrub The Floor

Take a brush and scrub the floor properly. Make sure you are using a soft brush so that it doesn’t ruin the floor tiles. You can even use a toothbrush to remove the dirt from the grout lines. 

Step 5: Wipe The Floor Using Fresh Water

In the end, take fresh water and wipe the floor to remove the vinegar solution. Use a fresh cloth and wipe the floor once or twice so that it gets a refreshing and shiny look. Later let the floor dry, switch on the fans and do not use the floor until it is completely dried. 

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